Material Preparation

Dosiermischer von HÜBERS

During material preparation, fundamental conditions are created for the quality of the components to be produced. Our process engineering is therefore designed for the best possible treatment in every detail of our systems.

When using pre-formulated sedimenting material, measures must be taken against the sedimentation of additives, especially fillers, already in the delivery containers. Our drum and Viscojet stirrers do this.

The material components are sucked from the delivery containers into separate preparation vessels – the dosing mixers. This allows the use of all container types and sizes.

In principle, preparation under vacuum is recommended for all materials, as on delivery each mass contains moisture, evaporating gases and air. If these remain in the material, this has a negative effect on the dosage as well as the mechanical and electrical properties of the end product. The material preparation under vacuum is therefore one of the characteristic features of our technology.

Vacuum Dosing Mixer

Central elements of the material preparation are the dosing mixers, from which the dosing takes place under vacuum into the mixing device to produce the reactive mix.


  • vessels with large diameter and low height; therefore large surface of the component mass
  • pneumatic lid lifting device
  • The special shape of the slow-running stirrer is optimally adapted to the vessel’s geometry.
  • The vessels remain continuously under vacuum during the entire production time.
  • Optionally the vessels can be heated, cooled or tempered.
  • easy access to process-relevant system components even without emptying the vessel


  • optimal degassing
  • gentle mixing, thorough homogenization
  • no sedimentation
  • optimally prepared material components, regardless of their viscosity

Option: Continuous Preparation

The HÜBERS Patent for Uninterrupted Operation

The preparation in the dosing mixers can take place discontinuous or continuous. In many cases, continuous material preparation means very considerable cost advantages, as it enables uninterrupted production.

With our patented process for continuous preparation, this is achieved reliably and without pre-mixer groups: homogeneous, optimally prepared material is always available at the dosing pumps at the bottom of the dosing mixers.

Fresh material from the delivery containers is continuously sucked into the dosing mixers and heated up if necessary.

Due to its lower density because of the air it contains and possibly higher temperature, the fresh material initially remains on the surface where it is carefully degassed by the vacuum in the vessel. During the delayed, slow descent, the degassed fresh material is mixed and homogenized with the entire contents of the dosing mixer.

The patented HÜBERS process for continuous preparation has proven itself in practice since its invention in 2000 and is now successfully used worldwide for a wide range of applications.