HÜBERS systems e.g. for

  • ignition coils
  • piezo modules for diesel injectors
  • gearbox sensors
  • stators for injections systems
  • electronic turbocharging systems
  • impregnation of crankcases
  • stators and rotors for e-mobility-applications
  • hybrid drives
  • DC/DC converters
  • high temperature diodes
  • tire pressure monitoring systems
  • elektronic engine brakes
  • valve systems

The automotive industry is an industry in transition, especially when it comes to the future of drive technology.

HÜBERS has long been a partner of OEMs and suppliers.

For vehicles with combustion engines, we have been developing and supplying systems for a wide range of applications for decades, from the impregnation of crankcases to the casting of ignition coils.

We are a key development partner in the increasingly important field of e-mobility.

Numerous development projects are underway in close cooperation with both well-known vehicle manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers.

Important tasks here are first of all to guarantee the functional product properties in view of increasing power densities and high mechanical and thermal stress on the drives. Another aspect is the efficiency of the customers’ manufacturing process with regard to industrial mass production, specifically the integration and automation of upstream and downstream sub-processes.

However, the fact that the field of e-mobility is still in the development phase in many respects has not prevented us from delivering series production systems, for example for the encapsulation of the stators of hub motors and for DC/DC converters.

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