Vacuum Direct Infusion Technology – V-DIT Systems

Parts made of composite materials, for example for wind turbines, the automotive industry, the construction sector or the particularly sensitive aerospace industry, must meet the highest standards in terms of quality, reliability and durability. At the same time, achieving cost advantages is becoming increasingly important in order to succeed in the market. This can be achieved by increasing production efficiency in the form of lower reject rates and shorter cycle times. The V-DIT system technology developed by HÜBERS offers the right solution for this.

Key factors here are the degassing of the material components in a continuous process and the active conveying of the reactive mix into the mold under vacuum. This prevents blowholes in the finished part and drastically reduces the time required for mold filling.

The HÜBERS technology for the production of composite components offers a reliable, lean process and thus advantages in terms of product quality and plant efficiency.

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HÜBERS V-DIT Vakuum-Direktinfusionstechnologie
  • parts free from voids and blowholes through pre-degassing of the material components
  • short mold filling times due to pump feed of the material
  • direct, pressure-controlled infusion resp. injection in a closed system
  • highest process reliability through sensor control of the filling speed

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