Equipped for Good.

With systems for all processes and process alternatives for casting and impregnating, HÜBERS offers a wide range of technologies and system components.

However, the same applies to all HÜBERS systems in two respects: On the one hand, products of the highest quality are efficiently manufactured with the systems. On the other hand, all machinery components are designed to be fundamentally modular and flexible.

The systems can be used flexibly, e.g. for vacuum casting, atmospheric casting, and automatic pressure gelation. They are expandable to parallel pressure gelation and vacuum pressure gelation, parallel atmospheric or vacuum casting, each supplied by central preparation, mixing and dosing systems. If production volumes increase, even manual systems for small series can be upgraded to fully automatic casting lines.

Not only are the systems optimized for production and flexible in the type of application – they can also be enhanced at any time. Product and process changes can be implemented just as easily as variable adjustments in lot sizes – planning and growth scope for you. The connection of third-party systems is also possible.

The result: future security through flexible adaptation to the respective market and production situation.

Industry 4.0 – Our Services for Your Smart Factory

HÜBERS systems have all the features and performance characteristics for Industry 4.0, they can communicate with production management systems, e.g. ERP, MES or PLM. The control system processes data from higher-level processes, transposes them accordingly, returns its own data in relation to the order and thus creates a transparent overall process. For integration into a “Smart Factory” at the customer’s site, only interface management is required.

Suppliers for Casting Materials, Fillers and Impregnating Agents

HÜBERS is the market-oriented process engineering partner for both system users and casting materials suppliers — in all aspects from research and development to all issues occuring in day-to-day production operations.

In this role, we also see ourselves as a link between system users and material suppliers.

Therefore, below you find links to the websites of leading material suppliers.