Systems for Automatic Pressure Gelation (APG)

In contrast to the APG pressure pot process, which is still widely used, HÜBERS uses a two-component dosing system with direct injection.

The APG process by HÜBERS allows rational series production through rapid gelation, fast demoulding, short mould occupancy times and automatic mould closing and opening. During the gelling process, fresh material is constantly fed under pressure into the mold, which is held together by a clamping machine, in order to avoid cracks and compensate for material shrinkage.

  • consistent material and product quality due to constant reactivity, constant temperature and constant viscosity of the material; no sedimentation of fillers
  • shorter production times with shorter mold loading times; much higher mixing temperature feasible
  • also suitable for highly reactive epoxy or polyurethane resins
  • adherence to exact, reproducible, online controllable process parameters for constant quality
  • less cleaning effort, no use of solvents, considerable reduction of material waste
  • optimization of the process flow, because even complicated molds can be filled by electronically variable casting speeds and freely programmable inclination angles of the clamping machines

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