Circulation Casting Lines

All process steps, from mold handling to curing, are integrated and automated in circulation lines.

These systems are mostly used in large series production.

  • mold handling
  • preheating, gelling, curing and cooling sections
  • transportation systems
  • one-piece-flow
  • automated production of different parts; camera recognition, automatic positioning

Circulation casting lines can also be a reasonable alternative to Automatic Pressure Gelation (APG) systems: If parameters such as lot-sizes or component variants of a planned production have or exceed certain threshold values, circulation casting lines can offer the following advantages over APG systems, among others:

  • lower investment volume
  • smaller footprint in terms of base area requirements
  • reduction of cycle, set-up and non-productive times
  • reduction of manual handling
  • higher process reliability
  • higher degree of automation

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