Silicone Vacuum Treatment – SVT Systems

The SVT process developed by HÜBERS guarantees that silicone parts are absolutely free of voids and blowholes from the ground up: Careful degassing of the material components prevents them already during material preparation.

Compared to processes without pre-degassing of the material, SVT offers not only the high quality of the manufactured products but also considerable advantages in production costs.

Thanks to the vacuum pretreatment of the material components, no air inclusions in the material need to be crushed during mold filling, as is the case with conventional processes using high internal mold pressures.

Processing of UV-Silicones

Silicone manufacturers now offer very fast vulcanizing UV silicones, which, however, require a special processing method developed by HÜBERS.

The material is irradiated with UV light in a controlled manner immediately before being injected into the mold and thus activated. After activation, the vulcanization of these special silicones is greatly accelerated.

Cycle times in the mold have already been reduced by up to 65% for certain components.

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Low-Pressure Injection

In the SVT process, 2 to 6 bar in the mould is sufficient, which results in very considerable advantages:

  • clamping machines with lower clamping force sufficient
  • use of aluminum molds instead of steel molds:
    • lower price (lower material costs and easier machining)
    • easier mold handling
    • simple electric heating instead of complex water heating
  • production without “Flash” possible
    • reduction of rework
    • hardly any material loss
  • minimization of material overflow

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