HÜBERS systems e.g. for

  • power semiconductors/modules
  • actuators
  • frequency converters
  • semiconductor amplifiers
  • capacitors
  • laser components
  • micro traonsformers
  • circuit board transformers
  • sensors
  • voltage supplies and connectors

Electronic components are an essential part of technical development in all areas and disciplines. And this has been true not only since the increasing digitalization of all areas of life – even the good old CRT TV needed line transformers. It goes without saying that the requirements, for example in terms of functional scope and power density, are much higher today – and continue to increase.

In addition to “classic” areas of application such as printed circuit board and microchip production, electronic components are now essential components in a wide range of applications, including measurement and control technology, the automotive industry, and healthcare technology.

Other areas of application would be inconceivable without electronic components, such as satellite communication.

HÜBERS systems for electronics production are used in all these areas.

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