In vacuum infusion, a resin is infused into a build-up of glass or carbon fiber layers. First, the fiber scrims is built up in the mold, then they are being covered with a vacuum film and evacuated. The resin is then infused into the mold to impregnate the fibers.

With the Vacuum Direct Infusion Technology V-DIT, HÜBERS has created a system for the infusion of composites that eliminates all shortcomings of conventional infusion procedures.

  • The material components are mixed in-line immediately before the infusion so that no reactive material needs to be buffered. The entire infusion process takes place in a closed system, which ensures a constant vacuum and makes open handling of the material unnecessary.
  • Both material components are separately degassed in a continuous process, which leads to a significantly improved quality of the infused parts and thus to fewer repairs on these parts.
  • The material is not simply vacuum-sucked, but actively dosed into the mold at the highest possible speed during the entire mold filling process. The dosing pumps’ conveying pressure is permanently sensor-monitored, the dosing pumps’ speed automatically controlled.
  • The mixing ratio and processing temperature are constantly monitored electronically to ensure the highest quality of the infusion material at all times.