Our Business: Your Optimal Production.

Since its foundation in 1937, HÜBERS has become a pioneer and one of the world’s leading companies in process engineering for cast resin processing and impregnation technology. To date, HÜBERS has delivered more than 3,500 machines and systems to 60 countries.

The worldwide network today consists of our own service and sales offices in China and Japan as well as commercial agents worldwide. However, the heart of company has always been in Bocholt, Germany.

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In addition to administration and sales, our headquarters houses all central service areas: research and development, design, mechanical and electrical construction, production, assembly, programming, and service.

We develop our systems according to the strictest standards. For us, it is not enough that a system runs faultlessly. We optimize the processes until everything is perfect.

This includes minimizing your overall production costs by, among other things, reducing cycle times, minimizing maintenance work and costs and avoiding reject production and material waste.

We always keep an eye on the quality of your products and the reliability and maximum plant availability.
Possible error sources due to operating or mixing errors are eliminated by constant electronic monitoring of sensitive processes.

Our service is exceptional even before the plants are delivered – from the use of our development center by the customer in the project planning phase to trial operation during acceptance. With our range of after-sales services, which is unparalleled among the competition, we are pushing this full-service strategy even further.