HÜBERS systems e.g. for

  • bushings
  • GIS insulators
  • hollow core and long-rod insulators
  • cable accessories
  • arc chutes
  • instrument transformers
  • reclosers
  • post insulators
  • dry-type transformers
  • surge arresters
  • vacuum interrupters

Regardless of how electrical energy is generated, its transmission and distribution are enormously important tasks in power engineering. Modern and developing societies and economic systems are more than ever dependent on a reliable power supply. At the same time, the demands on the power grids are growing; the transmission of energy generated in offshore wind farms deep into the country is just one of many examples.

HÜBERS offers the optimum system technology for the efficient production of durable, reliable electrical insulation components, for example for switchgear and network infrastructure in the medium and high voltage range.

Selected References Power Engineering