HÜBERS systems e.g. for

  • coils and magnets for MRI devices
  • X-ray tubes
  • electric motors for surgical tools
  • telemetry sensors
  • pacemakers

Medical technology is a sensitive and demanding application area for our technologies and systems.

In each individual application, absolute precision and process reliability are essential, because the use of the manufactured parts in the healthcare sector does not allow for any errors.

In addition, every single part produced represents a particularly high value. To cast the coils of magnetic resonance tomographs, for example, several hundred kilograms of casting material are processed for each part, and the coil itself also represents a considerable material value. In other cases, such as surgical precision tools, not even a special component size is required to turn a reject part into a significant economic loss due to the loss of the materials used.

These are therefore particularly good reasons that make HÜBERS systems the tool of choice for medical technology applications.

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