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Focal Point: The Productivity In Operation.

Design and manufacturing of HÜBERS systems are optimized in terms of system availability, failure-free operation, low maintenance effort, and flexibility. The operators of HÜBERS systems reap the benefits: maximum process reliability and therefore high economic efficiency.

High and constant product quality, compliance with lowest manufacturing tolerances.

Assurance of outstanding properties and long-lasting operational reliability of parts manufactured.

Process parameters such as mixing ratio, casting volume, pressure, temperature and time are kept reliably constant and are reproducible but can be easily changed when required.

Online quality assurance of production processes.

Easily realized integrated system options permit the use of all material systems in a wide range of viscosities, filling-levels and formulations. Systems allow use of the products of all international brand manufacturers and the majority of local manufacturers.

Low cost for service and maintenance.

Low susceptance to failure.

Each system can be converted for other processes, used for other products, rapidly retooled and — if required — enhanced or expanded.

Cost reductions
in raw materials, power, labour and retooling. Time savings in operating, cleaning, maintenance and service.



Producing 100 % quality at lower costs — these are the key objectives in system design at HÜBERS’.