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Ripe For New Ideas: Laboratory And Special Systems
With The Know-How From HÜBERS.

Leading manufacturers of casting and impregnating materials make use of our laboratory systems for the developing and testing of new products and processes.

In doing so, batch-mixers with casting chamber, 2-component vacuum casting systems, and vacuum/overpressure impregnating systems are applied as dimensionally matched, budget-priced pilot systems.

HÜBERS offers the appropriate laboratory or special system for any development project, either based on existing system technologies or as completely new system concept.


HÜBERS 2-component laboratory and small-lot casting system with A and B preparation containers, static mixer and vacuum casting chamber.


Micro-Casting Systems: Casting of the very smallest quantities of highly filled abrasive casting materials under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure

  Vacuum/overpressure laboratory impregnating system for new technologies in transmission systems for the car industry.

  Impregnation System TRI


Use of the high volume production's control
and metering techniques

Transferability of the results obtained on the laboratory systems to production systems

These systems too can be expanded and enhanced retrospectively