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The Know-How To Be Your Best — The HÜBERS Technology
And Its Advantages.

The multi-component metering technology from HÜBERS exemplarily compared with conventional batch mixing.


  HÜBERS Misch- und Dosier-Technik

Conventional Batch Mixing

Process sequence
With batch mixing under vacuum, the material components are measured into the mixing chamber manually and mixed discontinuously. Casting is carried out under manual control and gravity.

Viscosity, reactive mix
The viscosity increases continuously during the mixing process. Relatively large quantities of reactive mix are prepared.

Accuracy of mixing
Depends on the operator.

During production stops
The reactive material that has been mixed must be used or is wasted. Cleaning has to be carried out with environmentally unfriendly solvents.
  HÜBERS Technology

Process sequence
Metering pumps press the premixed non-reactive components into the HÜBERS static mixer with precise synchronicity. Here the components are brought together for the first time and are continuously mixed to give the reactive mix. Only that quantity of reactive mix that is required is produced.

Viscosity, reactive mix
The viscosity remains constant during the casting phase. The static mixer contains only the smallest possible quantities of the fresh, reactive mix.

Accuracy of mixing
Does not depend on the operator.

During production stops
The casting process can be interrupted smoothly due to chilling of the static mixer. The reactive mix remains usable after resumption of the process. Solvent-free cleaning is carried out using one material component, thus only small quantities of material are lost.

A Choice Of Further Highlights Of HÜBERS’ Technology.

HÜBERS Metering Pumps

Piston-type metering pumps with constant delivery pressure, driven from above via the stirrer axis. 6-fold vacuum sealing that does not come into contact with the casting material. Quickly changed insert modules to permit different quantities of casting material. Optional: fully ceramic version.

Metering from an evacuated container
All materials can be metered precisely, regardless of the proportion of filler they contain
Maintenance-free and wear-resistant; no loss of pressure even with relatively long pipe systems as may be given with multiple casting valves
The pumps work independently of gravity
Long service life even with highly abrasive materials

HÜBERS Metering Pump Drive

The metering pumps can be driven alternatively by either central drive with adjustable lever arm system or via electronically controlled servomotor drives.

The two metering pumps run synchronously guaranteeing exact mix ratio
Central drive: simple and cost-effective
Electronically controlled servomotor drives: more flexibility in selection of the casting parameters

HÜBERS Vacuum Metering Mixer

Mixer vessel with large diameter and low height. Special shape of the stirrer, optimally matched to the vessel geometry; < 1 mm bottom clearance; slow-running. Regulation of vessel temperature via double jacket.

Large surface to give optimum preparation of the material
Thorough, gentle mixing to give high level of homogenization
Optimum degassing even without high performance equipment
Uniformly degassed and prepared material components regardless of their viscosity

HÜBERS’ Continuous Material Preparation And Degassing System

Capable of three-shift working without premixer groups. It can also be retrofitted to increase the capacity of existing systems in a cost-favourable manner whereby the proven conventional material preparation equipment is retained.

Good preparation and homogenization of the components
Minimum dwell time of the materials in the material preparation containers
Minimization of the work necessary when changing the delivery container

HÜBERS Static Mixer

No moving parts, vacuumtight, low volume, no dead space, easy to assemble. Optionally able to be chilled and/or heated.

Able to be used with a very wide range of mix ratios and viscosities
Can be flushed out with one material component
Easy to maintain, long service life

HÜBERS Casting Systems

Single casting valve or patented multiple nozzle metering system. HÜBERS static mixer and casting valves can be moved in a vacuum-tight manner along the Y-axis over the pallet. The latter can be moved along the X-axis. Optional: triple-chamber automatic casting unit with one loading chamber, one casting chamber and one unloading chamber to shorten process cycle times and thus increase capacity. Patented metering-monitoring system for process control.

Material passes directly from the HÜBERS static mixer and casting valve into the mould
Void-free and dripless casting. No contamination of the parts or casting chamber from dripping
Minimum quantity of reactive mix, uniform temperatures, higher quality and precision of casting - even with multiple nozzle systems and very small casting quantities
Quality-assuring automatic process control giving high production capacity
Each unit can be used both under vacuum and at atmospheric pressure